Re-imagining Ceylon - Imago Mundi


Contemporary Artists from Sri Lanka
Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection

Texts by Luciano Benetton, Aman Mojadidi, Priyantha Udagedara

One hundred and forty seven works that show, as noted by the curator Aman Mojadidi, “a creative energy among both the younger and more senior generations that serves as a spotlight on how individual artists approach the very act of creativity.” Painters, writers, musicians, curators, designers, architects, graphic designers, poets and sculptors document, together, a new aesthetic vision, capable of reflecting on Sri Lanka’s past in order to contribute to reconciliation, in a move towards post-traditional art that references myths, stimulates our imagination and our ghosts. But, at the same time, is able to look ahead. An art that bears witness to all things, is sincere, makes no allowances and is unconventional.

Re-imagining Ceylon. Contemporary Artists from Sri Lanka is an Imago Mundi collection, a cultural, democratic, global, non-profit project, promoted by Luciano Benetton with the aim of creating the widest possible mapping of the different contemporary artistic experiences of our world. In Imago Mundi, each country is represented by the works of established artists and new talents, commissioned with the maximum freedom of expression, whose only constraint is the 10x12 cm format. is the web platform of the entire project

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