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Lipadusa is the second act of Sciabica, a project of slow journalism that dates from just after the tragedy of 3 October, 2013. Fabrica collected the stories of those living on the island, after the front pages, cover stories and television programmes dedicated to Lampedusa. After the media furore, life goes on, subdued and silent. The photographs, by Calogero Cammalleri, describe the life of the fishermen, children and animals of the southern Italian island of Lampedusa.

Calogero’s photographs are full of dream-like impressions, moments caught in black and white, blurred in the transfiguration of a reality that becomes timeless. A dog comes out of a rubbish skip where it had been rummaging around. A hand stretches out in the sun to pick up a freshly caught squid. Children’s expressions, intense and deep. A sudden improvised dance with jumping and clapping of hands. Playing cards. These are some of the moments caught by Calogero during his nine months’ stay on Lampedusa.

From November 2013 to July 2014 Calogero was a familiar presence among the island people, managing to overcome initial suspicion from those who had seen too many cameras in search of a scoop. 

Publisher: Fabrica
First edition
Pages: 92
Format: 32 X 23 cm
Language: English-Italian
ISBN: 978-88-98764-30-3

© FABRICA 2014

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