Sadly by your side


libro erfrSadly by your side is the new editorial project self-published by Fabrica and strictly connected to Fabrica’s latest music project, the debut album of researcher Davide Cairo (aka Edisonnoside).

Starting from the music, Fabrica decided to seek and alternative way to communicate and distribute the record. So this book, a free downloadable iOS application and a music video were born, each linked to the other through music to create a powerful aesthetic imaginary.

The eight images of the book provide a visualization of the music data whilst maintaning an aesthetic reflecting the album's concept and sound. The tracks are divided into three layers  - harmony, melody and rhythm - which are associated with a color, respectively black, blue or red. They show the correct proportions of color that correspond to each track’s original version.

When listening, the image series (red, blue and back liquid blotches) may also be used as a "key" to a new iOS synesthetic application that alters the original music tracks with digital sound effects, in response to the number of red, blue and black pixels it "sees" in the real world.

Limited Edition.

Download the free app for the iPhone.

Download the free album from SoundCloud.

Publisher: Fabrica
Pages: 42
Format: 21,5x20cm
Language: English
ISBN 978-88-908346-4-6

© FABRICA 2013

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