Zimbabwe. Occupation: artist - Imago Mundi


Contemporary Artists from Zimbabwe
Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collectio

Texts by Luciano Benetton, Raphael Chikukwa, ACAM Nyakudya, Sarenco

A varied landscape, a colourful portrait of Zimbabwe amid the problems of everyday life and hopes for tomorrow that Imago Mundi has chosen to show to the world in the belief that these 140 artists can contribute, as art always does, to a new future. An unprejudiced encounter with life and the visual culture of a country and its communities, including the women of the village of Weya, who fled over the mountains many years ago from the capital Harare, where they were oppressed by drunken, idle husbands, to produce their works of art free from exploitation and abuse. Three generations of women who have found independence and emancipation in artistic creativity.

Zimbabwe. Occupation: artist is an Imago Mundi collection, a cultural, democratic, global, non-profit project, promoted by Luciano Benetton with the aim of creating the widest possible mapping of the different contemporary artistic experiences of our world. In Imago Mundi, each country is represented by the works of established artists and new talents, commissioned with the maximum freedom of expression, whose only constraint is the 10 x 12 cm format.

www.imagomundiart.com is the web platform of the entire project.

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